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Tesco Finest Raspberry Brulee Cheesecake

Tesco Finest Raspberry Brulee Cheesecake

Even the most hardcore foodie shouldn’t feel guilty about buying a good pudding. I mean, sometimes, if you’re getting home from work and cooking dinner, especially one requiring more than  a mild amount of effort, you might not be in the mood or have the time for the extra work involved. You may, of course, disagree – some puddings are easy to make, some are worth the effort, and some can only be homemade – it is a rare supermarket cake that stands up to something you’ve baked yourself, or isn’t full of tut you wouldn’t put in at home.

Everyone’s idea of what constitutes a ‘good’ shop-brought pudding will be different too – for me it is probably going to be about trying new flavours, or something far to complicated for me to even comtemplate making, and probably won’t be full of strangely named ingredients that I don’t know the purpose of.

And so, I present to you a recent discovery and my freezer standby of the moment – Tesco Finest Raspberry Brulee Cheesecake. Very delicious, with its ‘Madagascan vanilla cheesecake’ and ‘Heritage’ raspberries, the highlight of this is its brulee style hard caramel topping. Yum. Having worked my way through much of Tesco’s Finest frozen dessert selection recently, (they all look so delicious!), this is the winner for me, and I encourage you to try it.

Overexcited by the novelty of a cheesecake with brulee topping, or, indeed, anything with a hard, sugary crust, my plan is to explore in what direction I can take this concept, so hopefully home-made bruleeing reports to follow.

Tesco Finest Raspberry Brulee Cheesecake – £3.49 (475g), Tesco.

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