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All in a pickle

I was going to start this post with ‘Is there much in life better than a cheese and pickle sandwich?’, but actually, I realised I could start so many posts with this line (‘Is there much better in life than a really good dark chocolate, creamy, buttery mashed potatoes, perfect roast chicken, sweet, juicy, ripe tomatoes…’ the list goes on…) that it could be construed as fairly meaningless.

But, as ever, I digress. A cheese and pickle sandwich is great – good, crusty bread, topped with tangy, super-duper mature cheddar and a thick smear of pickle. Delicious. Branston’s is my pickle of choice, and recently they seem to be expanding their range. Their beetroot pickle is great, and has been a regular in my fridge for a while – quick cheese and beetroot sandwiches, with something more, and perhaps a little safer for eating in a white shirt.

You’ll perhaps already know that I adore red peppers and tomatoes, so how could I resist their latest offering – Red Pepper and Tomato pickle. And it delivered! The wonderful tang you’re looking for with pickle, the sweetness of tomatoes, the right amount of spiciness. So, it passed the cheese sandwich test, next up – smeared on toast, topped with thick rounds of mozzarella and grilled until the cheese is runny. Yum!

Branston Red Pepper and Tomato Pickle – £1.29 / 360g, Tesco

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