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More Online Haunts for Foodies

So much to do, so little time! I have several posts, half written, half in my head, all delicious, that I want to get up here (and will do… come back soon for apple crumble, lime cupcakes with really good frosting, and something savoury too!), but in the absence of time, thought I’d update my little links section today.

There are so many great food blogs out there, I’m trying to keep my list of links to those I visit the most, some of them daily, and, perhaps most importantly, those that make me want to preheat the oven and start weighing, chopping and salivating.

So, my latest additions, and do check them out, are, firstly The Kitchn, a vast repository of all things food – great recipes, the answers to questions you need to know, equipment reviews and more. This multi-contributor site is updated frequently, and I find myself drawn to it at least daily.

Next up is Mowielicious, with fantastic food, but, and perhaps the draw for me, the most amazing, beautiful photography, something I clearly need to get better at.  Plus, who could not like a site belonging to someone who lists baking, sunshine and everything pink as their favourite things.

Finally, for now, Jam and Clotted Cream. Firstly, I had to overcome my jealousy at anyone who lives in Cornwall. How lucky! But, some really great recipes, especially the desserts.

Enjoy! I’ll be back later with some food of my own!

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