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I love food. That’s to say, I love cooking, and even more than that, I love eating. I also love talking about food. A lot. Of course, I realise not everybody does, and even those who do might not neccessarily love listening to me wittering on about my latest shopping find or what I cooked at the weekend (and how delicious it was), and therefore I thought I’d write it down and share it with the world!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no pretensions about my status as a food writer, and maybe only a handfull of people will ever visit my little blog! What’s exciting for me is another medium through which to talk about food, inspired by lots of the great food writing out there in the blogosphere. Maybe you’ve come across by blog by searching for a particular recipe, or how to use some specific ingredient – hopefully you’ll find something you like, and come back again soon. While my blog is still a fledgling at the moment, compared to so many which are vast archives or recipes, hopefully it will grow and become a useful resource.

So, my intention, at least for the moment, is to share what I cook, and also what I eat, which I guess means the blog will be sometimes about what I buy as well as what I cook. After all, one of the best parts of home cooking (of which there are several, which vary in position on my list of ‘best-ness’ depending on mood and hunger) is shopping.

If you do find your way here, I hope you enjoy my ramblings.  Please feel free to leave feedback, and even better feel free to share the recipes and the food you love.

Photography | I’m not a very good photographer! I’m trying to take more pictures of the recipes I post, and will add them when I can, although don’t be put off by bad lighting or other bad photography – I’m sure I’ll get better with time, and the food is still delicious.

Links | If I link to a featured product, I’ll do so to it’s own website, if there is one. If I link through to a product I’ve used as an ingredient, it’ll be on one of the supermarket sites, probably Sainsbury’s or Waitrose/Ocado, as I think their websites are better – it doesn’t imply ‘approval’ of one particular supermarket, neither does it mean the product isn’t available elsewhere. If I reference a book, I’ll try to link to it on – again, this is for ease more than anything, and doesn’t imply any relationship with Amazon, that you can’t get the book anywhere else, or that it’s the best price.

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