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I thought I’d talk a little more about my ‘food philosophy’. This might seem a little grand – what I actually mean is what I think about food, my ‘food credentials’ and the things I might come to blog about.

Simply put, I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy eating. I’m not a chef, don’t have a foody background and don’t work around food. I cook at home, for myself, my partner and my friends and family. I cook what I like to eat, and also like to try new things.

What I cook often comes from cookbooks and food magazines, as well as the web – this is where I get my new ideas, and things get added to my ‘repertoire’ – often evolving as I get more confident, find new flavours that work together for me, or throw in something not specified in a recipe because I have it in the fridge and cannot bear to waste food. And, naturally, there are some dishes that don’t come from books, they’ve evolved organically from things I just have always cooked, perhaps influenced by what I ate growing up, or what I’ve enjoyed when eating out.

Lots of my cooking is perhaps quite simple – easy home recipes with everyday ingredients. I also love to bake, so as the blog fleshes out there will be more cakes and puddings too!

I don’t think I’m much of a connoisseur, and certainly not a food snob. I enjoy nice food, and sometimes that food might be brought, not home made – hence home eating as well as home cooking. What I write is only my opinion – and while sometime I might deride something that I don’t like, or something I think is of inferior quality, I appreciate that everyone has different tastes, and certainly different budgets, (indeed, I cook on a budget myself!), and that is one of the reasons that exploring different food blogs is so interesting (to me at least). So if you ever find the wafflings a little sarcastic, or disagree with admonishments regarding the quality of chocolate or provenance of chicken, please be assured offence is not intended, it’s just passion and personal taste.

So, in summary, I guess what I’m trying to say is my blog is about cooking and eating – cooking from cookbooks and magazines, experimenting, sharing, expressing, and if the latest post isn’t something you like, or is too simple, or not simple enough, then come back another day and read what I tried next.

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